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What is an Entrepreneur?

Hi there!

OK, so according to the oxford english dictionary an entrepreneur is: “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit: many entrepreneurs see potential in this market.”

Aka anyone who turns an idea into a business (or businesses) – and truth be told there are just soOooOOoo many entrepreneurs out there! Only few actually go on to found a second time but those that do typically don’t stop there and continue founding startups until the end of their days!!! And now you may ask: But how do I know where to begin? And my answer to that is: Do something you are extremely passionate about!!! My daddy always told me to “go do something I would get up for every morning and do for free!” And I have to agree with him. Do something you REALLY, REALLLLLLLLLLY enjoy. Something that makes you lose all sense of time because you have fun doing it. And for those of you who have the luxury of doing just that as an employee of a corporation: CONGRATULATIONS! Still, even YOU can be entrepreneurial, “entrepreneurial employees” so to speak, e.g. by having a healthy disregard for conventional thinking, questioning traditional methods and processes, which you think could be improved, and being bold enough to spread innovative ideas…

As for now, I’m so excited about following my own personal passion for business by founding a startup (and blogging about it) and will try my very best to keep you up to date with how that goes!