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Taking the Plunge

What is it about taking risks that makes us feel so uneasy? You’re not sure what could happen? Well, here’s what will probably happen, either: (1) if you fail, you’ll have made an experience and possibly become wiser because you know what it is you still need to improve on before you succeed, or (2) if you succeed, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t try a whole lot sooner. Now, I’m not saying that it’s good to do something common sense tells us could bring ourselves (or others) into a dangerous situation, I’m saying we need to ask ourselves whether we try to avoid risks because we are afraid to fail!? Sure, it may seem more convenient to wait until you have everything figured out before making a living out of your passion, I get it. Or – for those of you in companies – having the guts to ask your boss for a promotion isn’t easy, nobody said it would be. But before you end up waisting your precious time waiting for others in your life to just come along and make your dreams come true, why not prepare yourself to #JustDoIt?


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