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Be Proud of Who You Are

Thanks to my sore throat, I’ve been drinking quite a lot of tea throughout the past few days but it hasn’t occurred to me until today that each tea bag has a little saying printed on it. Today’s reads: “Sei stolz darauf, wer du bist” (“Be proud of who you are”). And I just love the truth in that.

Since founding my company, I haven’t achieved much. I don’t have more than a handful of projects and am fighting hard to survive financially. But if hard times have taught me something, it’s the importance of believing in yourself & being proud of who you are. In other words: Stand up for what YOU believe in, do what YOU love and be happy with who YOU are, just the way you are.

Also, next time you drink tea, check if there’s a saying on the tea bag! If so – feel free to share!!!


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