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Project-Based To Do List

I love To Do lists! As a matter of fact, I love crossing off a To Do from my To Do list 🙂

Not only does it make me feel like I have accomplished something, it also helps me stay focused and prioritize what still needs to be done each day. But here’s a little something I’d like to try for this week: instead of a writing a “regular” To Do list with bullet points that I cross off, I’d like to write a project-based To Do list.

According to Daniel J. Levitin of The New York Times, breaking up our day into different projects allows us to be more productive and creative! In other words, when we designate a certain time e.g. for Project X, and another for Project Y, social media, reading e-mails, etc. we are able to pay much more attention to what we are doing because we are not constantly being distracted. Sounds logical but I’m pretty sure it won’t be all that easy to implement (especially trying NOT to immediately read e-mails when they come in) but I’ll give it a try! Feel free to join!!!


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