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Just A Thought

As much as I dislike receiving advertisements in form of paper from various promo companies each week, congratulating me for founding a company and sending me a ton of infos regarding the different products and services they offer, I feel very grateful each time I receive something useful.

Today, for instance, I was sent a pen. And not just any pen: A pen with my company’s name already engraved on it. Now, although most of the things I do are done online, a pen is such a practical thing to have: I can use it to take notes, the back of the pen is great when working on a touch screen, it can be used as lovely decoration for my hair and, quite frankly, if at any time necessary, I’m sure I could even use it as a means of self-defense. In fact, what I’d like to point out is that sometimes we forget all the amazing things a pen can be used for because we only use it to write. Now, don’t get me wrong, writing is an extremely powerful tool but I think we should be mindful of the many other amazing things a pen is capable of, which often holds true for our capabilities too.

Think about it.


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