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Food For Thought

As much as I enjoy getting to work independently and from home, I’m also really grateful when I have the chance to talk to others over lunch or a coffee about the weather or how we want to make the world a better place. As for today, a good friend of mine from college joined me for some tortellini and garlic bread before discussing possible ways to set up a foundation and support traumatized victims of natural disasters. We’re meeting again next week Thursday to conceptualize ideas for minimizing the intellectual inequality gap between children from educated and those from poorly educated families.

And what has really dawned on me through all of this is the power of sharing ideas! Everyone is unique, has a slightly different mentality and perspective on things. So when we share ideas, we not only spread them but can challenge one another and, in doing so, encourage even greater ideas, ideas we may not have come up with or even felt capable of on our own. So next time you have the chance to share an idea with someone, even if you think it’s part crazy or plain big and bold: Don’t be shy!

It could end up even bigger and bolder than you ever imagined…


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