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Sunday Funday

At 8:11AM this morning, Michael & I took a train to meet up with our friend, Tobi, in Lausanne. After a downtown stroll and some pizza for lunch, we were given a beginner’s class in programming with PHP. We also learned which tools we need to install and set up (e.g. Xampp as a server program and Sublime – amongst others – as an editor) before getting going!

Plus, later on, we found out that Tobi is working on a new business idea: a travel app unlike anything we’ve seen before! So if you’d like to help him make it extra awesome, please take 2min to fill out his survey:

Who knows: Maybe this will be the next big thing one day!

All in all, it was such a fun day and watching the ships at sunset absolutely unforgettable! Well, time to head to bed. Only 1 sleep to go before tomorrow’s Startup Forum!


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