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Startup Forum 2015

Meeting up with hundreds of entrepreneurs, both young and old, at the #StartupForumSG today was really something!

After arriving at the event and receiving a name badge and colored wristband, Simon May from the Institute for Young Entrepreneurs (“IFJ”), who was the moderator of the event, welcomed all of the participants. Afterwards, three speakers took the floor. The first speaker particularly inspired me: Marcel Dobler. Now, for those of you who don’t know digitec (a Swiss online store for electronics), he’s the founder and former CEO. He began his presentation by showing some pictures of how a few friends and him had started out and continued by showing how the company evolved from year to year. The pictures were cool but what really touched me were the learnings he shared: Think big and start small. Continuously challenge your business idea and optimize what you offer. And don’t get caught up trying to be perfect because you’ll make mistakes and that’s OK, as long as you learn from them!

Next, it was already time for lunch. A really great opportunity to network! In fact, I had just introduced myself to some new folks, when Simon May suddenly came over to say hello (my former manager at Google, Anna, had once introduced us and he still remembered me) and right along with him, Marcel Dobler. So, after a bit of small talk with both, I told them about my blog and asked to take a picture (left: Marcel, right: Simon).

Was great talking to you both and thanks again for your inspiring words!


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