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Mentors Make A Difference

Sometimes in life we come across certain people who not only teach or educate us in one way or another but look out for us, share words of wisdom and offer great advice.

I consider myself extremely lucky to know such a person – a mentor, you could say. And after meeting up with my mentor for a cup of coffee today, I realized how eye-opening it can be to have someone give you their honest opinion about things. A lot of times, the people you spend most of your time and energy with are those who tend to be less objective towards your ideas, as they want to show encouragement and support. But mentors are different. They are genuinely interested in how you are developing and care enough to tell you the real deal, especially if you’re too naïve to see for yourself. They want you to be better and are willing to help.

Mentors are amazing! Mentors make a difference!


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