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Meeting up with this guy today was such a pleasure! He’s a scout from a large public corporation whose job is to look out for startups with potential. Over a coffee, we spoke briefly about my plans with the crazy startup team and he informed me of the various different collaboration options available.

Afterwards, he gave me a quick tour of his department, where I not only got to speak with other entrepreneurs about their current projects but also met some familiar faces. What really impressed me was to see how well both the entrepreneurs and employees of the large corporation were working together in groups scattered across multiple tables made of chipboard atop an artificial grass carpet. Everything was kept practical, including a wall covered in whiteboards to scribble down ideas and a comfortable-looking couch for holding meetings, and simple – then again with working internet and enough plugs for everyone to charge their laptops, it presented the perfect working environment.

Believe it or not but I was even asked to pitch – A LOT! So, in case you’re ever invited to meet with someone from a corporation, be prepared because eventually you’ll realize each pitch is nothing more than a hidden opportunity, allowing you to convey your idea to others. Also, each time you pitch, doing so comes more naturally!

Well, that’s about all for now, time to get back to work…


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