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This Week


Everything started out pretty normal this week; I wrote & e-mailed my invoices from January, had meetings with some of my larger clients and continued working on my current projects. Sure, there was a business trip to Zurich but I was able to use the travel time to work some more. It all seemed like an ordinary week – until a bunch of letters came in. Nowadays, unless it’s your birthday or Christmas, letters are typically NOT something to look forward to because they are usually BILLS. The ones from the my insurance company and pension plan are nothing out of the ordinary but then there were ones from the authorities. I was especially curious to open them because I only rarely receive a letter from the authorities. Turned out it was just a tax form. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.
Honestly, to spend all day working and the evenings doing administrative tasks leaves little time for sleep. And even less time for sports and posting to my blog. But – hey – I hope you understand and suppose this is all just part of this new chapter for me (at least until I find someone to support me with the company!)
All in all, it’s just incredible how quickly this week has flown by!!!


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