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As I was taking a walk with Michael today, we past a whole patch of flowers. Not only was it beautiful to look at but totally reminded me of something an Olympic Swim coach once taught me. Now, I’m not too much into swimming anymore but have learned so much from my time as a competitive athlete and just wanted to share this with you today…

There are 3 types of bloomers. First, there are the early bloomers. These are the kinds of people who excel while they are young. Now, you may call them talented, since they’re the ones that start out strong, but they’re also the ones that need to work extra hard to hold their success. Next, there are the late bloomers. These are the kinds of people who need time to succeed. Their strength is that they never give up and work really hard for what they want to achieve even when all odds are against them. Lastly, there are the somewhere-in-the-middle bloomers, so if you’re neither an early bloomer, nor a late bloomer, this is you!

In other words: each and every one of us is a bloomer. The only difference is that we bloom at different times!


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