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3 Things You Should Know


You might have had a really rough day or simply feel disappointed about something in your life at the moment but may I remind you of 3 things I really think you should know…

  1. It’s OK if you’re not working your dream job, living in your dream home – just don’t give up on those dreams. Ever. And be prepared to work long and hard for them!
  2. It’s OK to make mistakes, take risks and fail – they give you the chance to pick yourself up again and do it better next time!
  3. It’s OK to feel like you don’t have anything figured out yet – yup, this is me today! But hey: just imagine what life would be like if we had everything all figured out. We’d probably miss out on a whole bunch of opportunities that spontaneously come up. And aren’t they what makes life so interesting? Take a deep breath, remind yourself of all the things to be grateful for and see life as an adventure. One we need to take step by step, day by day…

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