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The ABC of every start-up is to make sure you become financially stable. Meaning: Even if you were to lose you biggest customer/best vendor/…, you could financially survive!

How is that possible? Well, I went ahead and had a closer look at my own financials today. It became pretty clear to me that although my company is 100% self-financed, I need to start finding others ways to generate revenue in order to diversify my revenue streams!

As is, when I work, I get paid. When I blog, I (occasionally) get paid too. But there are no reoccurring revenue streams, so when I don’t work (e.g. don’t find any new projects), I don’t get paid. And that’s pretty risky if you ask me because I still have to cover my expenses. Still, I’ll continue to work hard, blog hard 🙂 and keep you up to speed on how that goes. Maybe blogging will become a second revenue stream at some stage. But for that to happen, I’ll first have continuously increase traffic. Still, with 203 subscribers and counting, it’s a start!



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