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6:30AM:…alarm clock started ringing…Gym time
8:00AM: Shower & breakfast time
8:30AM: Read and answered some e-mails, continued filing US taxes
10:30AM: Began writing and sending out invoices from last month
1:00PM: Quick lunch & coffee break
1:30PM: Time for a meeting and 2 catch-ups with current clients
3:00PM: Continued working on open To Dos
5:00PM: Call with a friend regarding project we’re working on together
5:20PM: Time to get back to work
7:00PM: Dinner with the love of my life
7:30PM: Gospel choir practice
10:00PM: Time to finish a last few open To Dos
11:30PM: Think I’ll write this blog post and head right to bed – haha, I’m so sleepy!

Ooh and tomorrow will be another great day with a special lunch surprise – so stay tuned!!!


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