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Peace, Calm & Quiet


I really think the library is my new fav place to work from – at least for now! Plus, it is so peaceful and quite, I had lots of time to think about my future business and personal goals.

Good news: I passed the AdWords Fundamentals exam!!! Whoop, whoop.
Next step: Re-taking the Search Advertising Exam! Thought I could do both exams in one day but had a really hard time concentrating after the first 2h exam. Well, time to do more studying and just take it again to refresh my Google Partner Certification!

Plus, next week, I’m going to deep-diving into the potential expansion option that recently presented itself for LA Preuss Consulting and get advice from a mentor. Afterwards, I’ll make sure to sync some new ideas with the crazy startup team to see where we stand and what our next steps are before making my final decision…


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