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Friday Flashback


What – it’s already Friday!? I barely noticed how quickly time has passed! This has been my first week here and it’s super exciting to be working at LA Preuss Consulting!

I could gain valuable insights in the way a consulting company and a start-up works. No day is like the other, there is something new and interesting all the time with new clients calling and new projects coming up.

Regarding new clients, I learned that when discussing new projects, it’s highly important to take notes and optimally share them with the customer so that everybody involved has access. Also, discussing objectives and agreeing on next steps is vital as these points provide the framework for what to do and how to proceed.

Moreover, I got the chance to participate in a training organized by Google at their office in Zurich. There, I learned about AdWords and all the possibilities available for optimizing search results, as well as ads. Interestingly, there is a lot to keep in mind when it comes down to wording and it can be super hard to stay within the character limits.

All in all, I am really happy here and was welcomed in such a friendly way that I immediately felt at home. Now, I look forward to what is coming next – stay posted!


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