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Having the chance to work with Lisa this week has not only been incredibly fun but taught me a whole lot about leadership. Sure, it’s a huge help to have someone so hardworking who gets the job done well and on time! But for this to work, it’s important to regularly communicate projects, priorities and goals.

Now, since I’m still new to this managing thing, I’ve simply adopted a method I learned from an amazing manager I once had the privilege of working for during my own previous internship. The secret is to share a Google doc! This way, both parties have access to the doc and can make changes, e.g. by updating the “TO DOs” list or crossing off what’s been done. Moreover, an online doc allows storing just about any kind of information in one place (images, hyperlinks, you name it) by simply copying and pasting! Does it get any easier than that?

Still, from my experience so far, nothing beats being prepared. And as a manager, it’s your responsibility to inform your co-worker about the tasks at hand clearly (so he/she understands what needs to be done and how) and with a deadline (so he/she knows by when the tasks need to be done). Likewise, a manager should always give feedback! Don’t forget to praise your co-worker for a job well done or  explain what could have been done better if something doesn’t work out well because cultivating a communicative environment is invaluable!


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