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How To Get Your Message Across

There is a whole load of things happening on the internet in just 1 second:

  • More than 2.5 billion emails are sent
  • More than 130,000 YouTube videos are viewed
  • More than 56,000 searches are performed on Google

And the numbers keep growing! Thus, one of the greatest challenges in this world of information overload is to get one’s message across. Here are some tips to help you with that.

1) Relevance

To make your information relevant, think about the basics first.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are your objectives?

Make sure what you say is both relevant to your target audience and KISS (keep it short and simple). Also, check whether you communicate your objectives clearly. Is there a to do for the receiver? Say so!

2) Structure

To enhance legibility, use lists, bullet points, paragraphs and bold or underlined text. These are reader-friendly options to help the receiver identify important content quickly and easily. But don’t overdo it and never use capital letters- these seem very aggressive and unprofessional.

3) Call-to-action

Often, things are forgotten because there doesn’t seem to be an urgent need to reply. Thus, create urgency by including a deadline. Just don’t call it deadline, a friendly “Please get back to me by tomorrow 3pm.“, fulfills the requirements in a much nicer way.


What about you? Are there any helpful tips from your personal experience that you want to share? We are looking forward to reading your comments!


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