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Track Website Performance


Lisa & I took part in a Google Analytics course today in Zurich where we had a look at the benefits of tracking website performance.

Here’s the deal: simply owning a website these days is just not enough. We need to wake up and start asking ourselves whether our website is actually fulfilling its purpose, be it by generating acquisitions (typically the case for e-shops), finding new leads (e.g. having potential customers fill out a contact form), receiving newsletter sign ups, getting shares on social media or whatever else. If the answer is yes – congrats! And if the answer is no, have a look at your website’s customer journey and find out where users are getting stuck / what your bounce rate is.

Next, find out more about your visitors’ demographics. Are you able to reach the audience you desire? If so – awesome! And if not, what can you do to make your website load faster or look better on certain devices and appeal to target audience, e.g. by using a larger font on a site targeted towards persons aged 65+.

Likewise, you may be surprised to find out which channels your traffic actually comes from (direct or via social media or referrals or display or organic search or paid search), which pages your users visit most frequently and the average duration of one session.

This and so much more can be uncovered and, ultimately, allow you to optimize your site by creating the most suitable user experience for your target group. For more information, visit Google Analytics. Happy tracking!


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