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Benefits of a coffee break

Did you know that coffee breaks and small talk at the coffee machine can be highly effective!? Go ahead, grab a coffee, a tea or whatever you like and talk to someone!

On one hand, discussing problems from a field not related to work can be the source of analogies that help you with your issue. On the other hand, exchanging ideas and playing around with them can be extremely helpful as you get a new perspective on things, especially when someone unfamiliar with the topic takes a neutral, uninformed look at it.

In conclusion, it can be very helpful to do something to distract yourself and get back to business later. In between, your subconsciousness does the work for you and with the help of new perspectives you can suddenly come up with new ideas out of the blue.

When was the last time you had a coffee break? Did it have any benefits beyond the caffeine? We look forward to reading your comments!


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