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Chocolate Strategy

It’s like there’s one thing in life that makes everything better. Chocolate! Haha-the words of a true chocoholic, huh? Sill, I’m convinced that everybody has their own favorite treat that makes them a little bit happier. And is there anything better than starting a day, precisely a Monday, with a treat you love?

There isn’t. Sweeten up your Monday and make it a bit more enjoyable! Additionally, combine it with something necessary – a strategy. The week has just begun and you can either start it by throwing yourself back into work or by taking a moment to relax, enjoy your treat and think about this week’s strategy… What are your goals? How can you achieve them? What are tasks that have to be done this week? What are things you keep deferring? What stops you from doing them? How can you be a little better this week than the last one?

By taking some time each week or each day and by actively blocking some time in your calendar, you can make creating a strategy part of your weekly or daily routine. This allows you to think about your goals and continue refining them in order to become better each time.

For chocolate, a special kind of mixer that helps combine the ingredients in order to get a smooth texture that melts on your tongue is called a conche. As for conching, this refers to a repetitive process that enhances the quality of chocolate the more it is done. Think about the “Chocolate Strategy” in the same way. By repeating your strategy considerations on a regular basis, you keep them in mind and can integrate them subconsciously with your habits. Consequently, you’ll improve and thereby enhance your quality as well – just like chocolate.


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