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Strategy in Practice

In line with yesterday’s strategy talk post, Lisa & I spent the afternoon coming up with a vision (“Empowering SMBs to make full use of the digital age”), mission (“Showing SMBs the potential of digital marketing and helping them exploit these opportunities by providing a holistic solution”) and strategy (“Spreading the news and constantly updating LA Preuss Consulting’s services to match the individual needs of SMBs”).

But instead of taking the conventional approach, we immediately began drawing our ideas onto paper and using colors to cluster all of our thoughts. It was so much fun!!! Plus, it ended up being really insightful and I think I’ve finally found a “destination” (vision) for my company that I’m proud to work towards. Next up, Lisa & I will start creating some pitches and templates to really speed up the current customer acquisition process…

Anyways, time to get back to work and drive a new website project!


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