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Friday Flashback

Yesterday, I had the best chocolate cake ever! We went to an amazing little café (Kafi Franz), sat down with two cups of coffee and when I saw the cake, I simply couldn’t resist. Flourless chocolate cake <3. It was like chocolate mousse in the form of a cake. Let me tell you, I could talk about this chocolate cake for hours. But no worries, many other exciting things happened this week besides the super delicious chocolate cake!

First of all, it’s great to see our projects progress. Friday is normally our business call day when we take clients through the current status quo of their project and define next steps. This is super helpful to keep everybody updated and able to quickly respond to changes.

Next, we started with a website design project this week. It’s amazing how quickly you can create something from scratch with the help of a template! And it’s exciting to find out what you can change and how you can shuffle things around until you have found the perfect solution. Here, you can be truly creative and present different solutions to your clients and let them pick which one they like best.

Finally, I look forward to next week! As it’s the start of a new month, we’ll need to prepare bills and reports in order to deliver insights and help further optimize our customers’ online presence.


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