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How to make Monday your favorite day!

Just another manic Monday? No way! It doesn’t have to be!
Here are three tips for how to make Monday your new favorite day:

1: Do something nice to start your day!

There are so many little things you can look forward to! Start your day with your favourite breakfast, wear your favourite clothes, or, like we typically do here at LA Preuss Consulting, meet in a café instead of the office. By doing so, you’ll get out of your house and start the week with new inspiration from a different surrounding.

2: Do something nice to end your day!

Mondays pass way more quickly when you have fun plans for the evening. Why not have a regular Monday movie night (at cinemas the ticket prices are usually cheaper on Mondays than on weekends)? Alternatively, catch up with your friends or family in person or via Skype (this is a double-benefit since you, as well as them have something to look forward to), or go out for dinner – but be careful, some restaurants are closed on Mondays.

3: Make Friday your first office day!

Whenever you’re on holidays and you come back, your first day is normally a Monday. Yuck! Why not change that to Thursday or Friday? Nobody expects you to back back before Monday which leaves you time to organize your inbox and get some tasks done before the normal madness starts. Plus, there’s a weekend right around the corner which means you just have one or two days in the office, before another two days off.

Do you have any other ideas how to make Monday your favourite day? We look forward to reading them! Just leave a comment below.


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