About me

26-year-old German-American entrepreneur with a passion for Online Marketing. My name is Lisa-Ann and, aside from some consulting-based projects and fundraisers, I build and manage websites for small and medium-sized companies, support them with Online Marketing campaigns, e.g. on Google Ads, and create reports. For more information, visit www.lapreuss.com. Plus, together with a small team, I’m working on a crazy new business idea. It’s a bit of this and that really.

I guess it all started after graduating from a bachelor’s degree in International Business a year ago, when I decided to take the first step in pursuing my dream and founded my own company. Now, although there are loads of websites out there with tips and tricks around the actual foundation process, I wasn’t able to find a blog about the day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. And that’s when I decided to start one myself. I may succeed or fail but I’m committed to posting about the entire process for you!

So for now, I want to give it a go and blog about life as an entrepreneur, hoping to encourage others to live their dreams too…

Feel free to have a look: www.LifeOfAnEntrepreneur101.com