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Having the chance to work with Lisa this week has not only been incredibly fun but taught me a whole lot about leadership. Sure, it’s a huge help to have someone so hardworking who gets the job done well and on time! But for this to work, it’s important to regularly communicate projects, priorities and goals.

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The Intern Is Here


Please welcome Lisa, the new Business Associate Intern for Marketing at LA Preuss Consulting!!! Haha-such a coincidence that we both have the same name! As I mentioned in a previous post, there a few things to consider before your intern arrives. Likewise, you may want to consider the following on DAY 1 of the internship: Continue reading “The Intern Is Here”

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Training Time


This weekend has really been something!!! Was working late on Friday and decided to take yesterday off to relax and play some tennis – it’s been over 10 years since the last time I played. And today, I finished a quick research project in the morning, went out for yummy Chinese food and am now finalizing and reviewing my presentation for tomorrow’s 3h AdWords Fundamentals Training in Zurich. Once I’m finished, think I’ll pack and call it a day to just relax and enjoy the rest of the evening!

Am so super excited for tomorrow’s training and a fresh start to the new week!

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Revenue Generating Ideas


I’m well aware of the fact that for many companies, it’s summer meaning: either time to go on vacation or continue planning Q4’16 (=the 4th and last quarter of this year) and just want to remind you of the importance of setting aside time for revenue generating activities, as well as some fresh ideas to enhance revenue generating activities or find new ones! Having said that, here’s my plan for this week:

  • Mon: contact 1x potential new customer
  • Tue+Wed: re-engage with 1x current customer with website + campaign updates
  • Thur: use working session with large customer to review upcoming collaboration opportunities
  • Fr: meet up with 1x current customer to recap new campaign ideas

Have a great week and feel free to share more ideas in the comments section below!

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It’s Official: Intern Starts Sep. 12th!

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After several mails and a Skype interview, an internship agreement has officially been signed and LA Preuss Consulting is thrilled to welcome the very first intern to the company on Monday, September 12th!

By the way, in case you’re also thinking about hiring an intern, here are a few points you may want to consider:

  1. Communicate compensation + working hours clearly: make sure to clearly communicate your monthly compensation, as well as the working hours to make sure the intern knows what to expect – because let’s just be honest: working for a startup probably won’t get you the best-paid internship but offers a steep learning curve and the chance to have a lot of responsibility. Still, you don’t want the intern to have a burn out after only the first week, so make sure the working hours are fair!
  2. Write an Internship Agreement + Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): it’s super important to have a contract stating all the nitty gritty legal aspects of the internship, as well as how certain situations would be regulated, should they occur. Also, for some businesses a Non-Disclosure Agreement makes sense too. Here, you’ll want to cover how an intern should treat confidential company information, etc.
  3. Inform the authorities: in most countries, you will need to register your intern for an insurance and to pay taxes, so make sure to inform yourself about all the necessary paperwork you need to fill out for your intern and do this ahead of time!
  4. Welcome the intern: From my personal experience as an intern I can tell you how lovely it is to feel welcome and want to make the new intern feel really welcome too! (Still have a bit of time to think of something special and can’t wait to tell you all about it!)

Lastly, I highly recommend seeking legal advice just to make sure you’re not missing out any other important aspects before hiring your intern.

OH – and one last thing: depending on what kind of business you run, you may want to consider hiring senior citizens as interns, like in the movie “The Intern” with Anne Hathaway & Robert De Niro! Now, I understand that there may be a few technical hurdles in doing so but, to me, it sounds like a great way to incorporate folks with a whole bunch of business experience and advice!

Have fun hiring your intern & let me know if you have any questions!!!
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Business Vs. Startup Idea


After receiving an e-mail from a fellow friend in the startup scene today, I began thinking a lot about my own business, LA Preuss Consulting, and how I’ve been investing so much more time into it than a startup idea that’s been running by the side with a small team for the past year now. It occurred to me that I really need to figure out how I want to be spending my time and where I see myself in the next 5-10 years. Therefore, I will start by writing down new goals and, from that, create a plan…

I know that this will definitely take time, not to mention it won’t be an easy decision, but – hey – life is all about making decisions: doing our best to make good ones and trying our hardest to learn from the bad ones, right?

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Friday Fun


Mikey & I are heading to Zurich now, which is why I made sure to get up extra early and hit the gym before work today. Afterwards, I dashed home, had a quick shower and some breakfast and began preparing for an important call. Plus, I was able to finally finish up with the English version of my website! What else is new? Well, since the last time I took my Google AdWords exams (Fundamentals + Search Advertising) was almost 2 years ago, I’d like to retake them soon and will do some reviewing over the weekend!

PS. I highly recommend these exams to all Online Marketeers, especially since you are officially Google AdWords certified once you pass! In case you’re interested, you can find the study guides here and – as soon as you feel ready – take the exams online by visiting: