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NEW Backpack



I’ve been a HUGE Michael Kors fan ever since I first laid eyes on the black Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote bag. But recently, I decided it’s time to look for something new and found this cute litte green backpack by Picard. At first I wasn’t so sure about the color since I really like wearing classic clothes in either black or white and, well, green is green! So first I had to check whether my laptop fits inside because there’s no need in buying anything if my laptop doesn’t fit – I honestly carry it around almost everywhere I go -haha. And then – well, who are we kidding – I went ahead and bought it!!!

Feel free to let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Tomorrow’s Outfit – Day 2


Day 1 at the fair was fabulous and I’d say it was quite a success! Am heading back home now and extremely excited about day 2.
Outfit wise, I think I’ll go with a black skirt and plain, white shirt combined with a striped blazer and possibly a belt – although I’m not sure about the belt yet… What do you think: should I go with or without the belt? xx

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Tomorrow’s Outfit – Day 1


After an exciting day filled with current website projects for a few of my customers and a quick trip to the gym, I’ve packed my things and am en route to Zurich, where I’ll be staying the night. That way, I will have a very short trip to the fair that takes place there all day tomorrow.
Also, here’s a sneak peak preview of my outfit for the fair: 7/8 high-rise pants in black combined with a white, lacey, long-sleeved shirt. Not too chic but elegant and extremely comfortable! So excited!!!

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Back in Pink

back in pink

YAY. After two signed deals with new customers this past Friday, it was so lovely to get to spend the weekend just researching for the new projects and enjoying some time with Mikey & his family.

Well, feeling refreshed as ever and ready to start the new week BACK IN PINK ❤

Have a great one, everyone!

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Swiss Startups Awards

What a night! The Swiss Startups Awards last night were fantastic! Choosing Zurich as the location was perfect, literally everyone I met there was just glowing for their business idea and don’t get me started on how crazy cool the guest speaker, Morten Lund, was! In short, after making several hundred millions by investing into Skype, he went bankrupt and has been happily founding dozens of startups ever since. His words of wisdom were: “DREAM BIG – WORK HARDER,” along with “YOU CAN DO IT” and if something goes wrong: “FAIL FAST.”

All in all, the event was a real blast and I’m super excited to stay in touch with everyone I met there!!!

Photo credits go to: NZZ Business Events Team