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Special Day


Today passed by like a FLASH! After continuing to work on one of my current website projects, I received a call from a customer and spent the afternoon discussing open TO DOs. Afterwards, a friend of mine quickly dropped by for a cup of coffee and, in the evening, Michael suggested to go for a walk. This particular “walk” ended up being a surprise dinner with his family at a vegan restaurant (I’m no vegan but the food there is amazing!) called “tibits.” At this point, I  must admit I got a little suspicious after leaving the apartment to head straight to the train station in quite a tempo I might add. Still, Michael kept everything a BIG secret until we arrived…

The food was delicious and after taking the train back to St. Gallen, we had no choice but to dance in the pouring rain. Haha-it was so fun. Well, and now we’re back home and I’m totally overwhelmed by all the lovely messages and birthday wishes. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!

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It’s A Small World

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Yesterday was just incredible: After working on a project for about 11h straight, I received a Skype call from my Mom & Dad, sisters and family from the US! It was such a blessing getting to see and hear from everyone and I had a great time “celebrating” Thanksgiving together – even if it was only over a screen!

We should do this more often!!!

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Winter Is Here


There’s snow outside! So as soon as I arrive back home, I think I’ll curl up under some covers and grab the latest business magazines that have been stacking up beside my bed because – for whatever reason – cold weather always makes me want to spend more time reading!

Enjoy your evening & have a great start into the new week 🙂

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Swiss Startups Awards

What a night! The Swiss Startups Awards last night were fantastic! Choosing Zurich as the location was perfect, literally everyone I met there was just glowing for their business idea and don’t get me started on how crazy cool the guest speaker, Morten Lund, was! In short, after making several hundred millions by investing into Skype, he went bankrupt and has been happily founding dozens of startups ever since. His words of wisdom were: “DREAM BIG – WORK HARDER,” along with “YOU CAN DO IT” and if something goes wrong: “FAIL FAST.”

All in all, the event was a real blast and I’m super excited to stay in touch with everyone I met there!!!

Photo credits go to: NZZ Business Events Team

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Fun, Fun, Fun

Today has been such a fun day: sleeping in (I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to set an alarm in the morning), going to the gym for a short workout, brunch, continuing on a presentation for a potential new customer and watching Michael’s handball game in Zurich.

The whole game was so motivating to watch. I guess there’s just something about the physical spectacle, along with the cheering and an uncertain outcome that gets me really emotional. Plus, Michael’s team won, which is an extra bonus because it made me feel really, really happy for them. Well, we’re heading home now and will probably watch a movie before heading to bed for yet another fun day: Sunday!!!

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

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Hello Uni

I was lucky enough to get to sneak into a lecture this afternoon and witness life at university all over again…

Funny enough, choosing to go to a lecture (although I’m not currently enrolled) allowed me to observe things I didn’t even notice throughout my entire 3-year bachelor program!!! For one, I was shocked by the number of students who were either constantly on their phone or simply too busy finishing another assignment or presentation on their laptop to listen to what the professor had to say. To be honest though, I recall when I was in their shoes.

University is not easy, I get it. And oftentimes it feels like professors forget that their subjects are NOT the only thing that is going on in a student’s life but I think it’s safe to say that if you’re going to attend a lecture, make sure you’re there to get the most of it. Nobody is forcing you to go. So if you choose to go, don’t miss what the professor is saying and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Going to university and having direct access to so much knowledge plus other people’s opinions is a huge privilege that should not be taken for granted! So if you haven’t already, I challenge you to give it a try this week or – for those of you who are not currently enrolled – I dare you to check out if there’s an opportunity to visit a lecture at a university near you and make it worth your time!

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My Bucket List

Traveling to Stuttgart yesterday was super exciting because for the first time in my life, I walked across the border from Switzerland to Germany by foot – so now that’s crossed off my bucket list! And in the evening, Michael and I were invited to a really yummy dinner at our friends’ house! Among other things, we spoke about some past, as well as upcoming events, our future goals and aspirations and it’s really inspired me to revise my bucket list. So after a morning run and some hard core working sessions on the crazy business idea with my Dad & Michael, it’s time!!!