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Sunday Funday

At 8:11AM this morning, Michael & I took a train to meet up with our friend, Tobi, in Lausanne. After a downtown stroll and some pizza for lunch, we were given a beginner’s class in programming with PHP. We also learned which tools we need to install and set up (e.g. Xampp as a server program and Sublime – amongst others – as an editor) before getting going!

Plus, later on, we found out that Tobi is working on a new business idea: a travel app unlike anything we’ve seen before! So if you’d like to help him make it extra awesome, please take 2min to fill out his survey:

Who knows: Maybe this will be the next big thing one day!

All in all, it was such a fun day and watching the ships at sunset absolutely unforgettable! Well, time to head to bed. Only 1 sleep to go before tomorrow’s Startup Forum!

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Food For Thought

As much as I enjoy getting to work independently and from home, I’m also really grateful when I have the chance to talk to others over lunch or a coffee about the weather or how we want to make the world a better place. As for today, a good friend of mine from college joined me for some tortellini and garlic bread before discussing possible ways to set up a foundation and support traumatized victims of natural disasters. We’re meeting again next week Thursday to conceptualize ideas for minimizing the intellectual inequality gap between children from educated and those from poorly educated families.

And what has really dawned on me through all of this is the power of sharing ideas! Everyone is unique, has a slightly different mentality and perspective on things. So when we share ideas, we not only spread them but can challenge one another and, in doing so, encourage even greater ideas, ideas we may not have come up with or even felt capable of on our own. So next time you have the chance to share an idea with someone, even if you think it’s part crazy or plain big and bold: Don’t be shy!

It could end up even bigger and bolder than you ever imagined…

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Enjoy The Little Stuff

As I was sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office this morning, awaiting my annual check up (which is pretty much the only time I ever find myself reading a printed magazine), I read an article about a female best-selling author from Hamburg, who makes time for a so-called “enjoy-the-little-stuff day” every now and then. On these days, she deliberately shakes up her daily routine, e.g. by brushing her teeth with her left hand (although she is right-handed) and ordering whatever the person in front of her orders for lunch, in an attempt to truly enjoy the little stuff!!!

And, quite frankly, I think it’s a brilliant idea!

We all slip into our very own daily routines: Getting up, taking a shower, brushing our teeth… But instead of taking the little stuff for granted, let’s just try to enjoy them here and there!

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What more could I ask for?

I’m so grateful for how supportive my three little sisters, parents and boyfriend have been about me starting my own business. Sure, it’s still a REALLY small business and momentarily the status quo of the crazy business idea is stagnating, which can be rather frustrating because deep down inside I wish it would just all work out and be a huge success but, unfortunately, that’s not usually how reality works…

Still, I know – no matter what – my family is here for me and with enough hard work, determination and dedication, I’ll get there eventually. And that gives me the courage to keep going. Seriously, what more could I ask for?

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You’ve Got Mail

What a surprise I had after opening a letter from the mail and, courtesy of the Institut Für Jungunternehmen (eng: Institute for Young Enterprises), receiving an invitation to this year’s startup forum 🙂

It’s the perfect opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and potentially find new customers, so I’m super excited already! Until then, I have to make sure to prepare myself adequately and will start off by inviting someone to come along (accounting for double the fun!), printing business cards, finding the right outfit and reviewing the schedule before the event to check which companies and presentations, possibly even people, I definitely do NOT want to miss!

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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Never Stop Learning

As many of you recommended (thank you all!), is my new “go to” place for programming classes and, so far, HTML & CSS classes are going smoothly. Next up is JavaScript & PHP. Afterwards, I’ll give AngularJS a try, not to mention I’d like to learn C++ (as a challenge) and will let you know how that goes… My motivation? Well, let’s just say I may have watched one or two incredibly inspiring “Made w/ Code” YouTube clips – honestly, it’s crazy what you can do with code these days! Coding might look intimidating at first but it’s absolutely brilliant and, if you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to give it a go and see for yourself. Plus, let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s becoming quite the essential skill.

OH – and one more thing regarding invoices, I was given a great tip (thanks Max!) to use the following scheme: YY(Year)MM(Month)Nr.(Invoice Nr.) and just wanted to pass it on to you! In other words, when writing an invoice to your first customer for the month of September, mark it as follows: 150901. It’s simple and practical!

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The Office Location Temptation

To be honest, I don’t own an office. And I don’t lease one either. In fact, I don’t even use one…well, ONE SINGLE LOCATION, that is. Sure, I’d say working from home is extremely convenient (and I especially enjoy working from my bedroom) but there are tons of other amazing places to work from, like Starbucks or any other café/restaurant with wifi. And why not work from on the road? Basically, as long as I have wifi or my phone with me and can make a hotspot, I’m good to go 🙂 Which is why sometimes I catch myself imagining what it would be like to step outside my comfort zone and work from across the street, on a bench at the park, or get into a train and work from downtown Zurich. Or – maybe one day – travel to a completely different country, like Hong Kong (as can be seen in the pic), and work from there! Why not? Life is too short not to step outside our comfort zones every once in a while, especially regarding our day-to-day location. And there are just so many places to see, many of which are right around the corner from where we are right now! So today: let’s do it – let’s get off our butts and work from a different desk/place than usual – I double dare you!