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Making Mistakes


Yesterday’s lesson of my day: It’s OK to make mistakes.

Why? Nobody is perfect and the sooner you learn to accept that, the sooner you learn to except yourself even after you have made a small mistake. We’re all just people. And (at least most of the time) we are trying our very best to be the best we can. Still, what’s important is that we don’t let our mistakes lead us to despair but instead see them as a learning opportunity!

So as far as my AdWords Fundamentals Trainings are concerned, I’m just getting started!!!

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Training Time


This weekend has really been something!!! Was working late on Friday and decided to take yesterday off to relax and play some tennis – it’s been over 10 years since the last time I played. And today, I finished a quick research project in the morning, went out for yummy Chinese food and am now finalizing and reviewing my presentation for tomorrow’s 3h AdWords Fundamentals Training in Zurich. Once I’m finished, think I’ll pack and call it a day to just relax and enjoy the rest of the evening!

Am so super excited for tomorrow’s training and a fresh start to the new week!

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Truth of the Day




My day today was “OK” (if you know what I mean) – guess I’m just getting a little frustrated by how some projects continue to stagnate, although I wish I could finally start seeing results. Then there’s my elbow that’s been hurting every single time it touches something and I have no idea why. Oh, and it hasn’t just been raining – it has been pouring outside all day! And don’t you just love carrying bags of groceries while balancing an umbrella between your head and neck… Uggggggh!!!

Anyways, thinking everything through again now has made me realize how “little” these problems really are. Sure, it hasn’t been my absolute favorite day but it doesn’t always need to be. There are days when everything goes swell and those when not much does. And we can’t change that. But especially on those “not so pleasant” days, we need to stop and count our blessings – *feeling grateful*.

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Blueberry Tart


Had quite the busy day with lots to do, including updating my customers on our next steps before I head off to Australia in 2 weeks, setting up new online campaigns and answering a ton of e-mails. Therefore, this afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a yummylicious blueberry tart and cappuccino with my dear friend, Lissa.

Now it’s time to go to the gym and finish up with a website project when I get back home!

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Peace, Calm & Quiet


I really think the library is my new fav place to work from – at least for now! Plus, it is so peaceful and quite, I had lots of time to think about my future business and personal goals.

Good news: I passed the AdWords Fundamentals exam!!! Whoop, whoop.
Next step: Re-taking the Search Advertising Exam! Thought I could do both exams in one day but had a really hard time concentrating after the first 2h exam. Well, time to do more studying and just take it again to refresh my Google Partner Certification!

Plus, next week, I’m going to deep-diving into the potential expansion option that recently presented itself for LA Preuss Consulting and get advice from a mentor. Afterwards, I’ll make sure to sync some new ideas with the crazy startup team to see where we stand and what our next steps are before making my final decision…

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5 Tuesday Tips


  1. Make today special – life is short and each day precious.
  2. Do what fulfills or inspires you – don’t get so caught up in your day-to-day-routine that you forget to smell the flowers, be kind to others and enjoy the little stuff.
  3. Continuously challenge yourself – dare to take risks, try new things and set big goals for yourself.
  4. Chase your dreams – it’s not always easy but you will grow and learn much more than if you stay in your comfort zone forever.
  5. Change the world – by making a positive impact in someone’s life today.
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Friday Fun


Mikey & I are heading to Zurich now, which is why I made sure to get up extra early and hit the gym before work today. Afterwards, I dashed home, had a quick shower and some breakfast and began preparing for an important call. Plus, I was able to finally finish up with the English version of my website! What else is new? Well, since the last time I took my Google AdWords exams (Fundamentals + Search Advertising) was almost 2 years ago, I’d like to retake them soon and will do some reviewing over the weekend!

PS. I highly recommend these exams to all Online Marketeers, especially since you are officially Google AdWords certified once you pass! In case you’re interested, you can find the study guides here and – as soon as you feel ready – take the exams online by visiting:

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Family, Friends, Friday


So lucky I was able to connect a customer visitation appointment with a trip to my family in Stuttgart this week. And I even had the chance to meet up with my lovely friend, Christina. Afterwards, I had a quick VC and wrapped up with work early to enjoy some family time!

Hope you had a great Friday and a wonderful start into the weekend!

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Home Sweet Home


After a quick trip to Zurich this afternoon, to watch Mikey’s soccer game, it’s good to be home again! Now, I think I’ll quickly check my mails and get packed for tomorrow’s business trip to Austria (this time I’ll be staying in Vienna!) before having some dinner and watching the next soccer game: Switzerland vs. France…