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Monday Motivation


This past weekend raced by.

Honestly, if I wasn’t setting up the new website for one of my customers or building the AdWords campaign for another, I was either at the gym or in the train travelling to and from different sports events. My highlight was definitely peeking by this year’s IronMan 70.3 event in Rapperswil. Let me tell you: If you’re ever in need of some extreme motivation, I dare you to check out one of those events. The atmosphere is static and the athletes an absolute inspiration! Having said that: Have an incredibly motivating start to your week!!!

#MondayMotivation #YouCanDoIt

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Pancakes for Lunch


After heading to the Sunday morning service and going for a 1.5h run, Mikey and I have decided to crank up the music and make yummy chocolate chip pancakes FOR LUNCH. Haha-Sundays can be so much fun! In fact, I think I’ll do some reading today – there’s still so much I want to read up on for one of my upcoming campaigns… So excited!
#DoWhatYouLove #BeHappy

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Sunday Sunshine


After a long trip back to Zurich (there was traffic!) and a few hours of catching up on some project work, here I am, enjoying the last few rays of sunshine…
Also, I’ve decided to set myself one work-related challenge, as well as one personal challenge for the upcoming week…
Work-related challenge: Find an intern to support me with my business – LA Preuss Consulting – this summer.
Personal challenge: Spontaneously call a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while.
…will let you know how it goes…
Have a great one! xx

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Top 3 Daily Habit Tips


My dear friend shared a picture with me yesterday about 10 daily habits of successful entrepreneurs and today, I’d like to share my personal favorites:

Nr. 1: Get the tough projects out of the way in the morning. I know this isn’t always easy to do and there are always so many e-mails to answer in the morning but let me tell you that if you wait with the tough projects until after lunch, you will probably end up pushing it to the next day because of all the other little things that have come up by then, and so on, and so forth… Therefore, block some time in your calendar for the morning and just get it done!

Nr. 2: Set time aside for revenue generating activities. Figuring out where you generate revenue from is easy but the trick is to spend the most time on those that bring you the highest return.

Nr. 3: Track your performance. In theory, we all nod our heads at this one. In practice, it can get pretty time consuming, especially when we have to check up on numbers that don’t make sense. But knowing where you stand can really help you make better decisions on a short- and long-term basis. So: yes, invest time into tracking your performance. It’s worth it!

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23. April


Oooooooh – I simply can’t wait for my family to arrive… It turns out my cousin, her boyfriend and my 3 sisters will be visiting me today! YAY. But first: I have to clean up (haha-the kitchen is such a mess) and go food shopping.

Have a happy weekend everyone! xx