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Make The World Your Office


Meeting up with a friend to talk through some potential collaboration opportunities this morning was lovely and thanks to the great weather, we decided to work from just outside a local café! I simply love exploring new places to work from now and then…

What about you: where is your favorite place to work from?

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1 Day in Hong Kong

Our 2 weeks in Australia flew by far too quickly but before heading home, we had 1 day in Hong Kong…



The weather wasn’t particularly great but thanks to a ton of tips from our amazing friend Adrienne, we tried to make the very best of our short stay there before heading back to Zurich!


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Queensland, Australia


In case you’re wondering why I’m writing a post at this hour… We’re in Australia!!!

OH – wait – have I not told you yet?

Well, Mikey and I left on Tuesday so I was super busy finishing up some projects, notifying my customers and packing before that. And on Tuesday morning, we had a really long flight from Zurich to Hong Kong and after that another really long flight to Brisbane with quite a bit of layover in between and didn’t arrive in Australia until Wednesday night. Mom & Dad came to pick Mikey & I up from the airport and took us to the airbnb place we’re staying at with 2 of my sisters. Since then, I’ve been keeping my work to an absolute minimum! Literally, I check my e-mails once in the morning and once at night and – if something urgent comes up – I’ll respond and work for no more than 30min but so far, I’ve been able to totally enjoy this “home away from home” with my boyfriend and family. Plus, I must admit, I really loved being in the air for so long without any internet connection because there’s currently so much going on (new projects coming up and the intern that will be starting once I arrive back home, …), I was able to perfectly use the time to collect my thoughts.

It’s Sunday morning 9:00 AM here and, in a bit, Dad will arrive back from his swim – you see: the reason all of us are here is because he qualified for the 70.3 IronMan World Championships which take place here today in 1 week! We’re all really excited to be a part of this and – now that I’ve acclimatized to the 8h time change – I can’t wait to keep you posted!!!

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Travel Time


After one last meeting with a customer about a new project today at 5PM, I will quickly finish packing and head straight to the train station en route to Stuttgart! Tomorrow will be so much fun because I’m going to get up extra early and finish all my work in time for my team meeting at 3PM and then take the afternoon off to spend time with my family because it’s my Mommy’s birthday!!!

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Had a bit of bureaucratic work to finish in Zurich this morning but was able to dash directly to one of my customers to finish a new online campaign!
So excited for the launch this Friday!!!

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Flashback to Vienna



Ever since arriving back in Switzerland on Tuesday night, I’ve been so busy catching up on some of my projects, I haven’t had any time to share my last few pics from Vienna. The top was taken while walking around the downtown area near Stephansplatz on Monday evening. And the second shows the yummy cappuccino I ordered the next morning to get me kickstarted into the day!

#ViennaByNight #CappuccinoKickstart

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Beautiful Vienna


Not only was the weather rather sunny today but I got to spend a full day in Vienna – at the airport, an office and the event venue. I especially like the hotel I’m staying at: Hotel Royal. Can you find it in the pic?

Hope you had a lovely start to your week! xx
#BeautifulVienna #EnjoyEveryDay #BackToBusiness

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Servus, Graz!

My business trip today took me from Zurich…


…over Vienna…


…to Graz, where I’ll be spending the next 2 days for a large Marketing event and am already so super excited! #FunTimesAhead #BusinessTripBenefits