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Sunny Day


7:00PM. Heading home from the 2-day fair event in Zurich & can’t believe it’s still this sunny. Well, sounds like the perfect occasion for sunglasses!!!
And I think I’ll go for a quick run later because my legs are a little sore from standing all day…

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Above The Clouds

up above

The trip to the US and back was unforgettable and allowed me not only to think through my business’ strategic goals but have some really great talks and the chance to reconnect with my family! If I could go back and do it again, trust me I would.

Also, there’s something about being up above the clouds that suddenly makes everything else become so relative and the everyday troubles of working as an entrepreneur become so small in comparison to good health, happiness and a supportive family.

Feeling blessed to have all these things, I want to wish you all a great day!

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This Week


Everything started out pretty normal this week; I wrote & e-mailed my invoices from January, had meetings with some of my larger clients and continued working on my current projects. Sure, there was a business trip to Zurich but I was able to use the travel time to work some more. It all seemed like an ordinary week – until a bunch of letters came in. Nowadays, unless it’s your birthday or Christmas, letters are typically NOT something to look forward to because they are usually BILLS. The ones from the my insurance company and pension plan are nothing out of the ordinary but then there were ones from the authorities. I was especially curious to open them because I only rarely receive a letter from the authorities. Turned out it was just a tax form. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.
Honestly, to spend all day working and the evenings doing administrative tasks leaves little time for sleep. And even less time for sports and posting to my blog. But – hey – I hope you understand and suppose this is all just part of this new chapter for me (at least until I find someone to support me with the company!)
All in all, it’s just incredible how quickly this week has flown by!!!

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Good To Be Home


It was such a treat to get to go see to the new Star Wars movie in theaters with my family last night in Stuttgart. And we’ve already made plans to see the next, as well as the last one, once they come out in 2017 and 2019!!!


– Star Wars –

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Travel Time

airport copy.jpg

Another busy day comes to an end…

After a cup of tea in the morning and a little more info about a potential new project as a webmaster, I began working on some of the WordPress website project TO DOs, given to me yesterday and – BAAAAAAAAAM – next thing I know it’s 8PM and time to dash to Zurich ❤

In fact, I’m at the train station now – thank you, Starbucks, for free wifi! And tomorrow morning, Michael & I will be heading to Stuttgart for a meeting with the crazy startup team!!! YAY. I’m super excited for that already.

Well, hope you have a wonderful evening & a fabulous Friday!

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Different Perspective


I was at the Markthalle in downtown Stuttgart today and passed by all these lovely little shops, tried yummy new food, spices and even desserts. But – how it typically is at these kinds of markets – everything was a little chaotic.

Funny enough, it wasn’t until I took the steps on my way out that I noticed the beautiful message hanging right atop the market in shining lights: 100 Jahre Markthalle (100 Years Of Markthalle).

Somehow, this reminded me a little of what everyday life can be like. From down below it may seem a like chaotic but as soon as you look at things from a different perspective, you see the greater message!

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Sunday Funday

At 8:11AM this morning, Michael & I took a train to meet up with our friend, Tobi, in Lausanne. After a downtown stroll and some pizza for lunch, we were given a beginner’s class in programming with PHP. We also learned which tools we need to install and set up (e.g. Xampp as a server program and Sublime – amongst others – as an editor) before getting going!

Plus, later on, we found out that Tobi is working on a new business idea: a travel app unlike anything we’ve seen before! So if you’d like to help him make it extra awesome, please take 2min to fill out his survey:

Who knows: Maybe this will be the next big thing one day!

All in all, it was such a fun day and watching the ships at sunset absolutely unforgettable! Well, time to head to bed. Only 1 sleep to go before tomorrow’s Startup Forum!

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The Office Location Temptation

To be honest, I don’t own an office. And I don’t lease one either. In fact, I don’t even use one…well, ONE SINGLE LOCATION, that is. Sure, I’d say working from home is extremely convenient (and I especially enjoy working from my bedroom) but there are tons of other amazing places to work from, like Starbucks or any other café/restaurant with wifi. And why not work from on the road? Basically, as long as I have wifi or my phone with me and can make a hotspot, I’m good to go 🙂 Which is why sometimes I catch myself imagining what it would be like to step outside my comfort zone and work from across the street, on a bench at the park, or get into a train and work from downtown Zurich. Or – maybe one day – travel to a completely different country, like Hong Kong (as can be seen in the pic), and work from there! Why not? Life is too short not to step outside our comfort zones every once in a while, especially regarding our day-to-day location. And there are just so many places to see, many of which are right around the corner from where we are right now! So today: let’s do it – let’s get off our butts and work from a different desk/place than usual – I double dare you!