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Small Things That Make A Big Difference


Working with Lisa on so many different projects from various locations over the past 2 weeks has made me feel especially grateful for the following 5 of her many traits:

  1. Being reliabile
  2. Being honest
  3. Working hard
  4. Being well-prepared
  5. Having a positive attitude.

Sure, one could argue that these are “small” things that don’t require special skills or talent but believe me – they make a BIG difference and continue to have a positive impact on how we work together!


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Chocolate Strategy

It’s like there’s one thing in life that makes everything better. Chocolate! Haha-the words of a true chocoholic, huh? Sill, I’m convinced that everybody has their own favorite treat that makes them a little bit happier. And is there anything better than starting a day, precisely a Monday, with a treat you love? Continue reading “Chocolate Strategy”

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Sunny Days


The weather was absolutely perfect over the weekend – really warm and super sunny! And it felt great to be able to take it all in one ray of sunshine at a time. YAY! Plus, now I feel so energized about starting into the new week with so many exciting projects awaiting…

Hope you have a fabulous start into your Monday!

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Having Lisa support me at LA Preuss Consulting over the last 2 weeks has been such an incredible experience and I really appreciate working in a team again. Also, I’m super grateful for the fact that we don’t just work well together but constantly challenge one another’s ideas. FYI – we’ve decided to unite our brain power to create a fresh strategy for LA Preuss Consulting… Exciting times ahead!!!

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Friday Flashback

This week has left me fascinated about all the possibilities digital marketing offers.

At Uni, we always talked about the importance of target group definition, segmentation and the setting of clear and measurable objectives. And yet, for projects, we would make up numbers out of thin air and our professors confirmed that without expensive market research, finding them out would be super difficult. But they were wrong! When you have a website and use the right analytical tools, it’s super easy! No need to make up numbers because, with these tools, you learn so much about the visitors and what they do on the website, essentially, providing you with incredible optimization opportunities.

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Outside The Comfort Zone



We decided to go outside for bit of strategy-talk regarding LA Preuss Consulting’s business plan and were not only able to meet a grazing cow but had our first quick sales pitch in front of a neighboring business and hopefully soon-to-be customer…

As for my take-away of the day: creating a business plan and breaking it down into doable goals is great and can be very helpful for a business. Still, even the greatest ideas won’t get you anywhere if you’re not willing to implement them. And sometimes, doing so requires stepping outside your comfort zone, making phone calls and knocking on doors!

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Benefits of a coffee break

Did you know that coffee breaks and small talk at the coffee machine can be highly effective!? Go ahead, grab a coffee, a tea or whatever you like and talk to someone!

On one hand, discussing problems from a field not related to work can be the source of analogies that help you with your issue. On the other hand, exchanging ideas and playing around with them can be extremely helpful as you get a new perspective on things, especially when someone unfamiliar with the topic takes a neutral, uninformed look at it.

In conclusion, it can be very helpful to do something to distract yourself and get back to business later. In between, your subconsciousness does the work for you and with the help of new perspectives you can suddenly come up with new ideas out of the blue.

When was the last time you had a coffee break? Did it have any benefits beyond the caffeine? We look forward to reading your comments!

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How To Get Your Message Across

There is a whole load of things happening on the internet in just 1 second:

  • More than 2.5 billion emails are sent
  • More than 130,000 YouTube videos are viewed
  • More than 56,000 searches are performed on Google

And the numbers keep growing! Thus, one of the greatest challenges in this world of information overload is to get one’s message across. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Continue reading “How To Get Your Message Across”

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Lazy Day


After heading home from Mikey’s handball game (it was the first of the new season) last night, we decided to watch a movie and pigged out on some sandwiches and chocolate ice cream. This morning, we slept in and I’m just about to finish some e-banking, preparing e-mails and my “TO DO” list for tomorrow before heading out for a run. Although it’s pretty dark and gloomy outside, being inside all day makes me super sleepy so I look forward to a bit of outdoor sports.

Hope you have a relaxing day too & can’t wait to start into the new week with a BANG!!!