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Today’s Agenda

Whoop, whoop – had a great meeting with the crazy business idea crew & am off to bed for now but already SUPER excited to get up for the gym tomorrow morning and drive our project forward!

But before I continue where I left off with the POS testing and present a potential user our current prototype, I have some catching up to do for a fundraising project I’m planning for my Dad (On The Road To The 2016 70.3 Ironman World Championships – #IronDad). Plus, I should start designing some business cards for the startup forum that’s coming up in October! And then, well, there’s my retirement savings plan consultation follow up…uhhhhh…but hey, I hear it’s never too early for these kinds of things!

Also, I should probably look for some new customers to make websites for and take another few codecademy classes – they are SO MUCH FUN! And before I know it, I’ll be off to dinner. Am meeting a good friend downtown 🙂


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