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Take Off Time

After a super busy but incredibly inspirational weekend, during which the crazy business idea was not only driven forward but extended to a whole range of other potential new business ideas, it’s time to get some shut eye!

FYI – I’m even thinking about pitching one of the new ideas at the St. Galler Startup Weekend (30. October – 1. November) and will definitely let you know how that goes. Should my 60sec pitch be elected as one of the “winner pitches,” a cross-functional team will be assigned to the project and have 48h to come up with a fully functional business model. Fingers crossed all works out so that this can finally take off!!!

Luckily, until then, I still have plenty of time to prepare. So, for now, it’s time to head to bed because there’s nothing like getting off to a fresh start! #NewWeek #FreshStart #TakeOffTime

Photo by: Cristian Baron


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